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Serverless Handbookfor frontend engineers

Dive into modern backend. Understand any backend
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Hello! πŸ‘‹

Are you a frontend engineer diving into backend? Do you have just that one bit of code that can't run in the browser? Something that deals with secrets and APIs?

That's what cloud functions are for my friend. You take a JavaScript function, run it on serverless, get a URL, and voila.

But that's easy mode. Any tutorial can teach you that.

What happens when you wanna build a real backend? When you want to understand what's going on? Have opinions on REST vs GraphQL, NoSQL vs. SQL, databases, queues, talk about performance, cost, data processing, deployment strategies, developer experience?


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Dive into modern backend. Understand any backend

Serverless Handbook shows you how with 360 pages for people like you getting into backend programming.

With digital + paperback content Serverless Handbook has been more than 1 year in development. Lessons learned from 14 years of building production grade websites and webapps.

If you want to understand backends, grok serverless, or just get a feel for modern backend development, this is the book for you.

Serverless Handbook full of color illustrations, code you can try, and insights you can learn. But it's not a cookbook and it's not a tutorial.

Serverless Handbook on your bookshelf
Serverless Handbook on your bookshelf

Yes, there's a couple tutorials to get you started, to show you how it fits together, but the focus is on high-level concepts.

Ideas, tactics, and mindsets that you need. Because every project is different.

The Serverless Handbook takes you from your very first cloud function to modern backend mastery. In the words of an early reader:

If you can JavaScript, you can backend.

Plus it looks great on your bookshelf πŸ˜‰

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  • Get started with Serverless backend technologies
  • Build your first backends, or your 10th in a new way ;)
  • Designed for frontend engineers diving into backend tech for the first time
  • Learn all about lambdas and queues and databases
  • Build server-side technologies with JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Support your apps with functions in the cloud
  • A reference handbook that stands by your side as you work
  • Pick and choose, read the chapters you need right now
  • Access yours forever
  • Live digital version with your Kindle or Paperback
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What's in Serverless Handbook?

360 pages, 19 chapters, 6 full projects, hand-drawn diagrams, beautiful chapter art, best-looking cover in tech. ✌️

Watch the walkthrough or keep reading.

Getting Started walks you through the history of servers and why serverless exists.

Serverless Pros & Cons helps you make informed decisions. Does serverless fit your project?

AWS, Azure, Vercel, Netlify, or Firebase?β€Œ talks about choosing a provider and their tradeoffs.

Good serverless DX is about developer experience and how serverless helps you improve yours.

Architecture principles talks about distributed architectures and what you'll want to think about.

Lambdas, queues, etc explains the core building blocks of serverless backends and how you can use them.

Robust backend design continues with ideas on resilience and reliability.

Where to store data is all about different databases, their tradeoffs, and how they work. A core aspect of backend.

Creating a REST API explains what is REST and what it isn't, how to design a good API, and walks you through a tutorial with working code.

Using GraphQL shows you the benefits of GraphQL, when you should use it, and shares a tutorial where you deploy a serverless GraphQL API.

Lambda pipelines talks about distributed data processing at scale and how you might use serverless for the task. Great dive into robust architecture design.

Monitoring serverless apps gives you ideas on observability and how to ensure you'll know something's funky before users start yelling.

Dev, QA, and prod shares common strategies for scaling as a team, avoiding mishaps, and when you should use which.

Serverless performance touches cost optimization and focuses on how to keep your system fast and performant.

Serverless Chrome puppeteer was hard to fit in the book, but it's such a darling I couldn't let go. Shows you how to run Serverless Chrome for browser automation.

Handling secrets is an important topic on how to make sure your system doesn't get hacked. Leaking API keys is a common oopsie.

Dealing with authentication talks about authentication, why it's hard, and shows you how to roll your own or use a 3rd party provider.

Glossary defines commonly used words so you can look them up as you work.

Appendix: More databases is everything you ever wanted to know about different databases and how to use them.

Plus, Serverless Handbook really looks great on your desk 😊

Serverless Handbook on your desk
Serverless Handbook on your desk

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